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II Collective Organizing In Computing Workshop

ACM Conference on Computer-Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing 2022

Friday, November 11. 2022

Call for Participation

In this one-day workshop, we will bring together tech workers, researchers and activists from academia, industry, and community-based organizations to extend conversations that we began in two workshops: “Computing Professionals for Social Responsibility: The Past, Present and Future Values of Participatory Design”, held at the 2020 Participatory Design conference, and “Collective Organizing and Social Responsibility”, held at CSCW 2020. These two workshops also led to the development of our open-access publishing community, Tech Otherwise, and a report, Defund Big Tech, Refund Community: Anti-Trust is Not Enough, Another Tech is Possible..

In this CSCW ’22 workshop, we will build on our momentum and community from these past initiatives to further explore avenues and approaches for action, particularly to support practitioners’ and activists’ objectives, and connect participants with concrete opportunities for on-the-ground action.

Workshop Outcomes

(1) Solidarity. We will strive to create as safe a space as possible for participants, and especially those participants with relatively disempowered economic (e.g., grad students) or social (e.g., racialized) positionalities, to share experiences with each other in order to build collective understandings of exploitation and oppression in the tech and academic industries. We will help to create a safer space with a pre-workshop on holding and sharing space open to all but mandatory for White participants and encouraged for cis men of color.

(2) Plans for action. A wrap-up section will focus on next steps, concrete actions all participants can take, and an invitation to the regular meetings of the ACM Strike School planning committee for any who want to join our group and continue the conversations of the day.

(3) Submissions compendium. The “Tech Otherwise” platform is a collective experiment in open-review publishing aimed at providing an outlet for bringing together critical views on technology rooted in field experience, academic work or creative expression. We will solicit workshop contributions in any media, and archive any that we have permission to publish on Tech Otherwise.

(4) Compilation of resources. Workshop organizers and participants will contribute up-to-date resources to a Wiki-like compilation of links and references that has grown over time from past related events.

Key Dates

  • Position paper deadline: October 21, 2022 at 23:59 AoE. [NOTE: THIS HAS BEEN EXTENDED FROM THE PRIOR DEADLINE OF OCT. 7]
  • Workshop at CSCW 2022: November 11, 2022

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